Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Studio (in Scoot's basement)

Scoot and I tackled two behemoths today, and I am happy to report that we came out on top. Above is a screen capture from "Of Youth," which will be prominently featured on our upcoming album. Disregard the group name. We're struggling to come up with one. Any suggestions, please post in the comments section below.

Today was a day for Scoot to shine, both vocally and musically. We finally re-worked a song called "Falling Out Falling In" (or vice-versa, I can never remember), which we had not touched since the middle of last summer. It is a heavily piano-reliant song, and we were nervous about using Scoot's piano as it has seemed slightly out of tune in the past.

No worries, though. The piano sounds turned out just fine.

The guitars and the bass sounded good, too, thanks to yours truly. I have to say that I am incredibly proud of what we pulled off today. Two songs that clock in at just under twelve minutes total with lots of good melodies, plenty of solid harmonies (including a three-parter), a fair amount of musical embellishments, and tons of depth. I would venture to say that it is the best work Scoot and I have ever produced as a team. I tried to find a way to post it on here, but I can't seem to get into an old FTP site that I thought I had access to. Apologies.

I didn't end up leaving the 'burbs until close to 10pm, and came home in time to have one beer at Jenn's around the corner. On the way over, I walked past three dudes getting busted by the cops, and apparently someone lost 'it' last night on one of the buildings in the neighborhood (and I'm not referring to vomit). I had the small beer, in case you were wondering. It did just the trick. I'm exhausted.

Off to bed. Have an early-morning appointment with the realtor again. Hopefully this time we'll see a few more houses with basements. Seems to be a key selling-point.


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