Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Busy/Work Day

Summer of George, Kelly. Kelly, Summer of George. We work together and got to spend all morning learning how to play ice-breaker games for freshmen orientation next year. One game involved a speaker twirling a long piece of string around his or her finger and that speaker was not allowed to stop talking until the string was all the way wrapped around his or her finger and that speaker had to talk the whole time about his- or herself the WHOLE time and it was kind of difficult and sometimes the speaker would get embarassed and pause for a moment... and think about what to say next... and he or she would stop twirling the twine until he or she would remember something else he or she had to say... Oh! My twine's finished. Next?

This is Max. He was there with his mother, and for the most part he hung out in a side office and drew pictures and listened to his IPod. During the break, though, Max and I got to talk shop: video games! I highly recommended LEGO Star Wars to him. After all, he said, "My favorite ones are action-adventure games!" Well, Max, you are sure to enjoy it. Afterwards, we had a good time pretending that the balloon you see there was a big blue booger.

Work at school turned into working on the desktop with Pops. I told you these pictures would be thrilling! Look at how excited I am! We put 256mb more RAM into the old bird, and we had the chance to clean out the cat hair from the inside. This day could not have been more perfect.

Pops even sprang for Jaenicke's for lunch. He had two deluxe hots, while I went for two red hots with chili sauce and cheese. My side order was fries, and I washed it all down with a famous Jaenicke's root beer float. Can anyone say "yummyache?"

After all of that excitement, I picked up the wife from work. This is a picture of the buildings crowding Dearborn St. in the Loop. It reminds me of the cavern run at the end of Star Wars: A New Hope, so I thought I'd take a picture. We hit up Annie's parent's condo and had a nice meatloaf dinner.

Today was a great day.

Off to bed soon. Tomorrow equals househunting with our realtor. Exciting!


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