Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Summer of George Has Begun!

This website will be home to the chronicles of the participants in the Summer of George, 2006! Welcome!

Monday, May 29: Cubs win! Beat Reds 7-3!

Went to the game with Scoot, the Lib, and Scoot's Dad. Ate a brat and a malt cup. Drank a bottle of water and a large lemonade. Todd Walker hit a home run. So did Matt Murton. Vince Vaughn threw out the first pitch. Jennifer Aniston was there with him. That's why flashbulbs were going off all around the third base side of the stadium.

We went to a bar called Justin's afterwards, where we met up with Scoot's sister and some of her friends. We drank a few beers. Scoot's sister and her friends were waiting for The Break Up premier to begin down the street (Southport Ave.) at the Music Box. We walked by there next. It was crazy.

Got a ride home. Met up with the wife, her friend, Jenn, and Jenn's boyfriend, Keith. We drank lots of beer. I stuck to Bud Light. They finished up the 312 and Coronas. We went to Puebla Restuarant on Milwaukee Ave. I had a steak burrito. It was fantastic. Went home. Eventually fell asleep.

Tuesday, May 30: Back to work!

Long story short - cleaned my classroom, started to clean my desk, picked up the wife from work, currently watching Domino. Trying to fight off a stiff neck. Going to another Cubs-Reds game tomorrow.


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