Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday = Adventure Day!

Jesse and I have decided, seeing as how we are on limited budgets, to create one Adventure Day per week. Spending limitation = $7.50. That's how much I spent today. $2.50 on a bottle of water. $5 on entrance into the newly opened Freedom Museum on Michigan Ave. It wasn't that great.

The day started off with a trip downtown on the Blue Line. There were many empty benches on my car. The woman on the left, though, decided to crowd another passenger for no reason. I would have been pissed.

Before Adventure Day began in earnest, we met up with Annie on her lunch break. There's a really nice bench in front of 525 N. Michigan Ave. with a planter full of trees behind it. A girl was dancing in the background. She would change her hat depending on the style of music she danced to. For example, bandana = hip-hop, sweatband = 80s pop, cowboy hat = country music. It was super lame.

Jesse and I then headed off to Millenium Park, where I proceeded to tear the shit out of the inner lining of his mit. That's right. I've got a gun. Make no bones about it.

Here's a picture of us at the bean. I've got the maroon shoes. Jesse's in the whites.

Next stop, Navy Pier. We thought we were going to ride the ferris wheel, and maybe make out a little once we reached the top, but one ferris wheel ride costs $5 per person. Too much. Totally not worth it.

We hit the Freedom Museum next, and decided to meet Annie as she got off work. Along the way, Pike found three ESPN Zone gift certificates lying on the ground. In the Summer of George business, we call this "Funny Money." Guess who's going to the ESPN Zone arcade next week on Adventure Day?***1***

Tomorrow equals monthly poker game. Apparently, the sister-in-law is working on the bracelets. I hear tell that rhinestones are involved. Brilliant.

***1*** "Funny Money" totally does NOT count against the pre-approved spending limit.


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