Sunday, June 04, 2006

Haircut Day

I woke up this morning with this mop on my head.

In a moment, I will be falling asleep donning the above 'do.'

The wife is pleased. She finally got me to agree to the cut she's been wanting to give me for months now. It's summer. It's shorter. My new Cubs hat fits a little better. It makes the beard look fuller, which is a good thing.

By the way, I'm willing to take on bets, online or in person, concerning the beard. I will challenge anyone to a $10 bet that I will not shave the beard for the rest of the summer. I believe school resumes, for me, August 14. I will be shaving it off on August 13, most likely. I have $20 riding on myself. One $10 with the wife. Another $10 bet with the wife's friend's special friend. I think I may have also made a drunken $1 bet with the brother-in-law on poker night. So, maybe it's $21.

Bets, large, small, or otherwise, will be a large part of the Summer of George. Today I won a grand total of $3 on the Cubs-Cardinals series. $2 for the two Cubs wins, and $1 on the series wins for Chi-town's lovable losers. I will spend the money tomorrow on something for myself. Something pretty, to be sure.

Spent the day with the wife trying to keep her mind off of the fact that she has to go back to work tomorrow. We watched the entire first season of HBO's Entourage, followed by a late afternoon showing of V for Vendetta at the Logan Theatre. Both were fantastic. Couldn't help but think that V was an overly-dramatic allegory to the world we live in. The wife had that thought out-loud first.

We ate burritos and tacos, beans and rice, ice cream and Cheerios today. The stomachs are full, and they are happy.

Off to bed. Tomorrow = new video games or recording. Can't quite decide yet.


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