Monday, June 12, 2006

Didn't Do the Laundry

That's right. The title says it all. It explains my day.

I woke up late for a meeting at work this morning. 8am rolled around - I was supposed to be in the car and on the road at that point - and I leaped out of bed, into the shower, into some clothes, and onto the road. I even had to stop for gas and still made it virtually on-time. I ended up working for about four hours this morning on a summer curriculum project.

I saw two seagulls (I think) fighting like crazy in the parking lot at Burger King after I left work. The one in the background with his mouth wide open drove the other bird away from the flock and proceeded to squak in circles throughout the rest of the parking lot for at least another three minutes. It was crazy.

After that, I ordered food.

I bundled up the laundry at about 4pm this afternoon, and I ended up watching television and playing video games until Annie got home from work. After that, I decided screw it, I don't want to do the laundry today. It always takes me at least one full day of mentally preparing to do the laundry before I'll actually get up and do it on my own. So, tomorrow is going to be laundry day. I'll have to get up early, which stinks, but que-ev, right?

Now I'm playing poker. I've been on a killer streak on-line lately. I had nearly $500,000 in chips before I bought in to two $50,000 tournaments on I'm not doing so well tonight, but that's okay. I always bounce back.

Off to read now. Tomorrow means laundry (obviously) and golf in Bourbonnais with Scott, Jesse, and my dad, who has graciously decided to sponsor Adventure Day III.


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