Monday, July 17, 2006

Painting, Tequila, and Rainer

Saturday - Painting

It has recently come to my attention that quite a large percentage of my extended family may be reading this - thanks, Mom - so, as promised, here is a picture of the new house. The happy couple takes a moment to stand on their new front stoop and wave to the neighborhood. We figured that Saturday, the hottest day of the summer up to this point, would be a good day to go in and repaint two of our bedrooms and strip the wallpaper from the kitchen and the bedroom. What we initially liked about the place was that we didn't have to do too much work on it. That notion has been turned on its ear.

Jenn and Annie's sister, Elizabeth, helped us out, while my parents took care of the bathroom wallpaper as best as they could before my mom nearly passed out. By the way, this is quite possibly the most disgusting picture of me you'll ever see in such a public forum. I just wanted to give you some idea as to how hot is was. And, I'll begrudgingly admit this, I need some kind of forum to show off my ridiculously intense guns. Two tickets, please... two tickets to the gun show. Check.

Saturday Night - Tequila

On the way to our new favorite neighborhood restaurant, El Cid II, we passed this on Milwaukee Ave. in front of Tianguis. Looks like someone had too much to drink prior to 7:30pm. Maybe he or she consumed a little too much of the below? Either way, it was totally gross, but keeping in line with my documentation purposes for this website, I was forced to photograph it. In fact, this is a picture from far later in the evening. Scott and I decided that, unlike my first attempt at capturing this monstrosity, we should give it some kind of perspective, so Scott volunteered to stand next to it. What size shoes do you wear, Scoot? 12s? 13s? Ick.

We pretty much closed the open-air dining area down by the end of the night, and not before I got to practice a bit with our camera. Jesse was showing me some tricks on it during our last Adventure Day, and I thought I'd try some motion capture shots here. Most of these shots consist of the camera balanced on the neck of a bottle of a Corona bottle. Jenn's shot, above, I love because she looks like a ghost. And Libbi's picture, below, is awesome because she was able to stay perfectly still for 15 seconds while the exposure captured all of the movement around here. I'm not going to pretend that I actually know what I'm doing, but I did get a pretty big compliment from my wife, who said, "You're getting pretty good at taking pictures." She of the art degree approves. Ego, you may inflate.

Matt says: "Dude, did you play poker today. I just assume that you're always playing poker. Your website just has pictures of faces, cards, and chips on it. Poker blows."

Poker rules.

Sunday - The Nuhr and Family

We went out to visit Rainer and his parents on Sunday afternoon/evening, and were astonished at how often he lounges male-model style in the below pose. That kid is going to be a lady-killer in the very near future. I tried to play with him, but just the same as the last time I visited for our fantasy baseball draft, he began to weep uncontrollably most of the times I got close. He liked Annie and Libbi, though, which is nice. Kid sure knows how to make nice with the camera.

And, for the record, he does not like carrots.

After the little guy went to bed for the night, the marrieds moved down to the basement for some good, old-fashioned couple vs. couple Trivial Pursuit. The Ks ended up cleaning house on K-Family rules - landing on a color and giving a correct answer gives you a pie for that color. They cleaned up on the literary questions, for sure. Annie and I came in second, and the Ts placed a distant third, primarily because Scott was too busy spilling water all over the used question cards, which had to be dried out on the carpet.

We then moved on to a game of Matt Fast... er, I mean poker. Ryan, as mentioned in a previous post, had a bad experience with cards at another event, so we wanted to show her what a real game looked like. She ended up finishing fourth out of six people, and said that she enjoyed herself. During one of the early hands, I thought I had her with three 8s. She flipped over her hand - full house, 8s full of Qs - to take down the pot. Kudos.

Eventually, I ended up besting Scott to win the match. I eliminated both Zach and Ryan on the same hand just before that. The above picture is a shot taken by ZK of his stack. He was reluctant to change out his $100 black chips for $500 white chips because he thought it looked cooler to have more chips. I can't say I disagree with him. I love poker.

Matt, you didn't seriously think I was going to go a whole post without a picture of some poker chips, did you?


At 10:51 AM, Blogger Baker Baker 1-9 said...

How the eff did I not see you guys Saturday? Were you with Matt before or after I was with him. Weird...

At 11:15 AM, Blogger The Nightmare said...

Before. He asked if we wanted to go to the Fireside to meet up with you, but the world wouldn't stay still enough to permit me to say "yes."

You still in for the 29th?

At 2:13 PM, Blogger scott said...

size 13s, loud and proud.

i like that it looks like i puked in that picture... which i guess could've really happend what with all the tequila.

At 8:32 AM, Blogger Baker Baker 1-9 said...

Yes I am in for the 29th, although for tonight I cannot do.


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