Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My wife hates poker.

So theRy wanted to play poker last night, just to get some practice. She got me a chip set last year for my birthday, so we cracked it open and decided to play with about $1000 in chips.

Ry does not like to lose money. Even fake money. She liked the idea of antes, but every time I bet she shuddered to think: "Why is this husband of mine trying to bankrupt me?"

So I slowly bet her into submission, and she has about 400 "dollars" left. All night she'd only been betting when she had a good hand, so it was easy to know when to sing the Kenny Rogers song. So she has 400 left and she gets this look on her face and shoves all in.

Now, a good husband can make two choices here, depending on his marital read:
1. Fold the cards you have slowly, and with deliberation, and let her have the pot.
2. Stay in the hand, knowing that if she's willing to go all-in you're likely not going to win.

Each choice here has it's ups and downs. I was holding King-Queen suited, so I had a damn fine hand. Option 1 looked good, except there was basically nothing in the pot and I thought she'd be disappointed not to win some chips. But Option 2 also looked good because I was pretty sure her hand would beat mine, if she was willing to go all-in.

So I called her. She flips over pocket Aces, all smiles.

The flop? Oh, you know. Jack, Queen, King. I flop two pair. She's not happy, but I think to myself----PLEASE GOD GIVE HER THAT TEN. If she loses with pocket Aces she'll never play again.

Another Jack.

Another King.

My wife hates poker.


At 9:19 PM, Blogger John said...

love it

At 3:24 PM, Blogger annie said...

ryan will always be a winner to me.


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