Friday, June 23, 2006

The Long Room

Important News: As some of you know, we recently launched a new myspace page for our group, Kimball. We'd love for you to stop by and check it out and ask us to be your friend. We are slowly working towards playing some shows, and are much more rapidly working towards recording an album. Thanks to everyone who has said hello or stopped by already. We appreciate the support. Always keep an eye out for new songs and new information in the near future. We'll be working diligently on it as time progresses.

I need at least two days to mentally prepare myself to do laundry, and that is why I sighed when asked if I would do it today. To be honest, I steadfastly refused every time Annie mentioned it, yet when she got home from work the cold-wash was drying on our new rack, and the other clothes were all clean and neatly folded away in the drawers.

I was even able to get a bit of work done at Dunkin' Donuts over a sour cream 'n onion bagel and a chocolate milk. I'm taking a ton of Lord of the Flies-related pre-reading and putting it into ACT/PSAE format. Not the most interesting of tasks. I also spent quite a long time this morning searching out World War II photos and info on the internet.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I did the dishes, picked up the wifebeaters from yesterday, and even made dinner just in time for Annie's arrival. She can imply that I'm lazy all she wants, but I want it to be known, here and now, that I am not. I'm a good house-husband.

The only exceptions being those times that I'm out until two in the morning hanging out with the fellas. Scott and Jeff were laughing at some kind of Matt Fast nudity story. There's so many to tell, honestly, that I couldn't possibly narrow it down.


Scott and I stopped at Rick and Matt's place to pick them up. Rick apparently does not like to be photographed. When he is being photographed, he closes his eyes to pretend that it is not happening.

Matt was telling jokes. I haven't seen these two for a while now, which is quite the testament to my summer so far. It was really nice getting to sit back and relax and tell stories and jokes with these guys. Matt was giving Scott and I flack all night about our new band name - Kimball. He thought we should call ourselves the Fast Bros. I kind of like it.

Greg Static even stopped by. He sat down for a while and we had a nice chat. Turns out he's having his own little Summer of George. I encouraged him to run a Summer of George Sister Blog. I think it would be really cool to organize a whole bunch of these badboys into a Summer of George network. We could do all kinds of things: group Adventure Days, group ticket prices for Wrigley Field, flash mobs, etc. Bueller? Anyone?

After we left the bar, Jeff, Scott and I randomly decided to stop at that little diner on Irving Park just east of the Long Room. I even figured out how to take timed pictures with my camera. I kid you not, we heard the following conversation take place:

Drunk Dude 1: It's going to be your favorite meal ever!
Drunk Dude 2: I love my favorite meals ever...

My favorite meals ever.

Off to bed. I have to be at my new home inspection in seven hours. Must sleep. Tomorrow means the above and the finalization of the loan. T-minus thirty-some days until the big move. We should probably start packing.


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