Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I took the parents and Manny, one of my former bosses, to Piece Pizza in Wicker Park today. Originally, we tried to hit up Dunlays on the Square in Logan Square, but they don't open until 4:30pm. So, I decided to take them to Piece, where I had eaten once before with Jesse and Angie and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Manny and I split a white, ham, bacon and cheese pizza. It was fantastic. We watched a little bit of the World Cup on one of their many plasma tv's, and we talked a lot about baseball. My mom loved the pizza, though she (and Dad) did not love the parking ticket they found on their car when they returned. I failed to pay attention to the rush hour parking signs on North Ave. Whoops. Sorry, Mom and Dad.

Meanwhile, I took the train home. I thought briefly about heading downtown to hit up the big Office Max store (I'm jonesing for a wireless, USB mouse for my desktop and my laptop) and to meet Annie as she got off work. But, alas, I decided against it. Instead, I thought I might go back into the neighborhood and browse some of the lower end retail chains to find myself some wifebeater shirts. I bought a pack a few months ago, and they ended up being too small, so I gave them to Annie. Last week, midweek I think, it was ridiculously hot, so I stole one out of her dresser drawer and wore it around the apartment for the day. It was comfortable. So I thought I might try buying some again.

I got off at the Logan Square stop, headed towards the north end of Milwaukee, made my way into the PayHalf store just around the corner, and found the wifebeater section. I browsed around for a few minutes, carefully selected my package of shirts, stood up and made my way towards the register when suddenly BAM! the lights go out. And I mean out, as in all across the neighborhood. I'm standing there with my shirts and my cash, ready to go, and they can't sell them to me because their computers are down. What a disappointment. They are just around the corner from Spaulding on Milwaukee. The Gap Outlet store on the corner of Diversey, Kimball, and Milwaukee and all the stores in between were all also without power. My building was shut down, too. So, I started out by reading, then took a brief nap, and then I realized that my laptop was totally juiced, so I finished up parts of "Falling Out Falling In."

Scott, John and I are working on a band name. We have a new MySpace page ready to go, pending said band name, and we'll be on our way. By our count, we have somewhere between 12 and 15 songs that will fit together on the album we're working on. We've also talked about starting to play shows soon, though I'm not quite sure how we would go about doing that. We're excited, and working dilligently to not suck.

Off to bed soon. Annie's already asleep. Our schedules are way off. Tomorrow will see me actually getting some of my work for school done. Lord of the Flies, watch out. I'm going to butcher you up.


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