Sunday, June 18, 2006


Today was kind of a strange day. I woke up long after Annie had left to go meet up with Libbi. They went bargain-hunting at garage sales throughout the western suburbs. They found this little gem, a totally operational organ for the bargain basement price of $5. They say that Scott and I have to share it, but we know who's really going to be using it the most, don't we? Exactly, Scott probably will. Have fun with it, my friend.

I say today was kind of weird because I showed up at Scott and Libbi's at about 11:30am and let myself in their house. I was all alone. I brought my guitar with me and I messed around on Scott's piano a bit. We're working on reworking some of our original songs to make them fit in better with some of the stuff we've got going on lately. I was tinkering around with "Five Alarm Glass." It was super hot in their basement, and I had a big sweat stain from my guitar. Oh well.

Eventually Scott came home from his track meet, and the ladies came back (with the organ and plenty of other great finds) from the garage sales. We had a nice lunch before we decided to unpack the car. After that, Scott and I started a quick game of H.O.R.S.E. on his driveway. He had "H.O." and I had "H.O.R." right at the time where Annie and Libbi decided we were going to be late for a BBQ at John and Julie's house in West Dundee, so they nagged us like we were the teenage sons to their stressed-out mothers. Eventually we gave up the game to head inside to get ready.

Once we got to the JB's place, we did what you would all expect us to do - we played poker. John and Scott are seen here during the seven card stud game (with a $1 buy-in). We mixed it up a bit. Played some Texas Hold 'Em, some stud, and...

...lots of five card draw! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite poker games. How do you possibly figure out what the other person might have when you have no clues beyond their facial and body expressions? Sidenote (and this is a question you can feel free to discuss in the comments section): do I look weird wearing a headband? I've been collecting them over the past year or two - I have four now - and I love wearing them, but I hesitate to wear them in public because I believe they will likely bring unneccesary attention my way. What do you think, family and friends? Would it be considered strange for me to wear headbands in public? Please discuss at your leisure.

We rounded out the night with a rivetting game of Trivial Pursuit. And yes, you do see money being passed around in the middle of the shot. It seems I can't do anything without a gentleman's wager anymore. I am willing to take practically any interesting $1 wager on if there can be a clear cut winner and a loser. It just makes life that much more interesting, don't you think?

Off to bed. We have an appointment with a new realtor tomorrow morning in the 'burbs. I'll bet anyone $1 that this post sucked. Any takers?


At 4:22 PM, Blogger zk said...

I remember one time I was talking to Rainer, and Rainer was like, "Pops, what is heaven like?" and I was like, "It's where people give you what you want, when you want, how you want."

I want to play poker against you. I want the same hand to come up that came up last time I went all in. I want to win this time. I want to do a victory dance. I saw a guy win in the US Poker Championships WITH THE EXACT SAME HAND I HAD THAT NIGHT.


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